It all started with the simple idea: feel better.

The Source range of juices is brought to you by brothers Svet and Martin. We believe consuming pure and healthy food and drinks is the foundation for a healthy body. But that wasn’t always the case.

We were typical busy millennials: we’d been living in London for a decade, working hard, playing late and starting early. There was just never enough time to rest, and as for real food – just didn’t happen.

We were running on energy drinks, coffee, sweets and fizzy drinks just to get through the day. And pretty soon we were in a downwards spiral of low energy and poor health.

So, we said: “Enough.” Time to make a change. Our lifestyle was always going to be fast-paced and high-pressured, but we could at least change the way we fuelled it. So, we started to look at how we could get our hands on the best, nutrient-rich superdrink as juicing helps you absorb quicker all nutrients from the fruits.

We worked with expert nutritionists, that helped us to search the globe and to find the best superberry. We then created a unique juice range with the superberry Aronia and other berries.

And that was how The Source began…

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