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What is Detox water?

Detox water is structurally modified water, having the healing properties of the miraculous mineral zeolite. The special zeolite treatment of water changes its molecular framework.
Detox water has a strong purifying effect and helps the body regulate its biochemical balance, it has a beneficial effect on the elimination of the body toxins.


Zeolite - a natural mineral for a good health

Zeolite (clinoptinolite) is one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet.It was proclaimed by the World Scientific Organization for the mineral of the 20th Century because of its enchanting qualities and its increasing use for detoxification of the organism.
A true gift from Mother Nature, zeolite is recently revealed with its properties of "miraculous" mineral. Its function is to stimulate the release of the necessary stem cells that restore health, even where official medicine is powerless.
Zeolite is considered to be completely safe and non-toxic for oral use to humans and animals. This includes babies, children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.
Zeolite is a porous mineral composed mainly of aluminum, silicon and oxygen. It is a powerful adsorbent. On the microscopic level, it can be seen that its skeleton has the honeycomb structure.


Organic Aronia Berries - a true super food and a natural gift

Aronia is a plant that originates from the North American continent and has once been a very popular food among the Indians. They use the fruits of the aronia and the juice of them for toning and healing. Over the years, the popularity of the plant has gradually declined, but today it is slowly and slowly recovering. It is also known under the name of black-eyed oficina.

The healthy values of aronia and its beneficial qualities makes it a great source of vitamins and antioxidants.The antioxidant ingredients of the fruits are the highest, compared to other berries, and today the aronia can be taken in the form of juice, candy, jam. The wonderful flavor of the jelly juice makes it a great way to plug more fluids into your daily menu.

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