Zeolite - a natural mineral for a good health

Zeolite (clinoptinolite) is one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet.It was proclaimed by the World Scientific Organization for the mineral of the 20th Century because of its enchanting qualities and its increasing use for detoxification of the organism.
A true gift from Mother Nature, zeolite is recently revealed with its properties of "miraculous" mineral. Its function is to stimulate the release of the necessary stem cells that restore health, even where official medicine is powerless.
Zeolite is considered to be completely safe and non-toxic for oral use to humans and animals. This includes babies, children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.
Zeolite is a porous mineral composed mainly of aluminum, silicon and oxygen. It is a powerful adsorbent. On the microscopic level, it can be seen that its skeleton has the honeycomb structure.

It is this structure that gives zeolite unique properties. The electrically charged surface allows the mineral to attract and retain cations from the environment in which it is located and in turn to separate other cations . Placed in an aquatic environment, zeolite eliminates all harmful substances from it, including radioactive contamination.
It has a strong impact on the human body.
Eliminates toxins in the body, taken through the air and food.
Powerful antioxidant. During the first month of its use, 3-4 kg are removed from the body. Zeolite is the most powerful detoxifying agent that helps the body to protect itself from free radicals.
It has absorbing properties against radioactive elements such as Cesium 134 and Cesium 137, strontium, as well as heavy metal / mercury, cadmium, lead, zinc, chromium /
Eliminates lactic acid from muscles and improves muscle tone (suitable for use in athletes for rapid recovery).
It reduces the risk of developing cancer cells.
Normalizes the acid-base balance. This is extremely important for general strengthening because most people live in a state of unnecessary acidity, caused mostly by poor or inadequate nutrition.
Helps the body regulate its biochemical balance. Improves the absorption of other nutrients from the body.
Cleanses the kidneys and the bile of grit.The only mineral that helps with abundant sweating caused by nerve problems.
Normalizes blood pressure, eliminates insomnia, sweating, tension, also helps with ulcers, gastritis, colitis, problems of the cardiovascular and nervous system.

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