Volcanic zeolite minerals are one of nature’s detoxers. They can help remove heavy metals and toxins from the system, and balance your pH levels. Sufferers of conditions from arthritis to thrush credit zeolite with helping control their symptoms. Drinking water filtrated through these zeolite minerals every day is safe method of combating toxins within the body – and it’s suitable for all ages.

The Source’s Detox Water is sourced from over 83 metres below the earth, in the beautiful land of the Balkans and has been naturally filtrated during its move through rocks and soil. It has a low mineralisation level and a perfect pH balance of 7.2. We test it regularly to ensure it’s clean and pure, and treat it using UV light to remove any harmful micro-organisms. A shot of Ozone helps reduce the iron levels.

Discover the health-giving properties and the refreshing, naturally sweet taste of Detox water today.

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